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These aren't boring, pre-recorded 30 second commercials.

Chris Hardwick, 'The Nerdist'

Marc Maron, 'WTF w/ Marc Maron'

Midroll hosts bring their own personality to every ad read, 

and their audiences pay rapt attention.

“We’ve seen two to three times the engagement in podcasts, than we’ve seen in radio”

- Henry Hwong, Sling Media

Our Hosts Read Extended Live Spots

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Podcast Ads Deliver Extraordinary Results

Midroll advertisers reveal why podcast ads work:

“Podcast ads gave us more room to tell our story in a more compelling way… All the data we have suggests that they are profitable”

- Kate Huyett, Bombas Socks

“Podcasts were a surprisingly big winner in (our) post-order survey”

- Herb Jones, Fracture

“Podcasts help us stay at top-of-mind… generating more sales”

- Yev Pusin, Backblaze Online Backup

89% of Midroll advertisers

consider all of their podcast ad campaigns 

in the last 12 months to be a success

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of Midroll podcast listeners have bought a product or service from a podcast ad





have a bachelor's or higher degree


are aged 18 - 34


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would recommend Midroll to a colleague

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Dunkin' Donuts

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